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Mars Orbiter

MARS  - The Mars Orbiter Camera

The Mars Orbiter Camera (MOC) is one of the instruments on the Mars Global Surveyor.  This Global Surveyor orbited Mars from 1999 to November of November 2006.   The MOC was basically a telescope pointed at Mars from orbit.  It had resolution of about 3 meters.  This gave us the best pictures of Mars to date and was the source of many discoveries.  Malin Space Science Systems created and operated the scope.  Their web site is www.msss.com.  Take a look!

I have included just some of the highlights here:

One of the signs there may have been water are channels, outflow channels eroded away by massive outflows of water, other from drainage.  Below is a picture of Nanedi Valles system.


Picture Credit:  Malin Space Science Systems/NASA

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